Trend Setters

They were trendsetters, heart movers Bold, and pioneers Sowing seeds and laying the groundwork for fruitful lives, without fear Not for trends that come and go or those that go out of fashion But clothing hearts for eternal life With kindness and compassion

I see a generation whose love for people inspires others to do the same. To give generously, to live boldly, to love extravagantly and to extend forgiveness constantly. They are those who make kindness popular and patience sought-after. Those who make mercy fashionable and humility attractive. They are devoted and passionate, with eyes fixed on Jesus. They are consistent and authentic, full of integrity. They are a generation unafraid to break new ground, to tread new paths and to prepare the way for others to follow. They live their lives counter-culturally.

The trends they live were already set by their King named Jesus; but I see a generation who are a bridge for those who have not seen or heard, setting an example of what it looks like to follow Him. They are a generation of trendsetters.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but