Soul Seekers

They were Soul Seekers Just like their Father Hearts set on what truly matters That lost souls be found Hands unbound True freedom be found in Him.

I see a generation who are set on their Father’s business. A generation whose heartbeat lines up with His. Whose heart breaks for what His heart breaks for. They are a generation who seek out the lost, the hurting and the broken to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus. Their hearts are burdened with a desire for others to know the one who created them. The one who formed them, who knit them together. To know the one who brings purpose and fulfilment to their lives.

They are a generation no longer consumed with themselves or their own needs, but whose hearts are moved by love and compassion for others. A love that comes from the overflow of their time spent with Jesus. They are bold. They are courageous. A passion wells inside of them to see others encounter the presence of God. They are a generation who desire to see lost souls found. To see broken hearts healed, restored and whole.

They seek to love the unlovely. To encourage the hopeless. To bless the ones who are unable to repay them. They seek to eat with the outcasts and to serve the unwanted. They love without judging and they love without limits. They desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus…to go where He asks and to do what He says. They are a generation of Soul Seekers.