Life Lessons: Lovely Lists

Welcome back to the blog! My heart is for you to step into all the fullness of life that God has given you! I believe that you were created for a purpose, and you were created to thrive. So over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some wonderful life lessons I have learned (at the ripe old at of 23), which I hope will help you to do life well. Some are practical, some are spiritual, some are emotional. These are just some top tips that I’m also learning and working on….take them or leave them, you do what works for you!

So I wanted to start off with my first life lesson: LOVELY LISTS. I don’t know if you find lists lovely or not, but at the start of this year, someone explained to me the importance of lists. Being the unorganised and scatterbrained person that I am, I decided to conquer this and try out my skills in list-making. Well, dear friend, I have never felt more on top of life! I’m sure if you’re an organised person you’ll have your personal favourite list app. Searching on the Apple app store, I stumbled across an app called, “To-Do”. This has literally saved my life.


I create lists for everything – groceries, college assignments, chores, things to buy, people to pay, problems to solve, things NOT TO DO, morning & evening routines, books to read, tasks for work and weekly/monthly/yearly goals (click