Is Removing People From Your Life Self-Care?

I’ve recently been hearing a lot about removing people from your life who are negative/toxic/selfish etc. It comes up a lot on my Pinterest news feed – “self-care: over time, you just notice that some people aren’t worth it anymore.” I agree that who you spend most of your time with will influence your character, behaviour and actions. It’s important who you choose to give your heart away too and those you choose to open up to, your closest friends – don’t give your heart away to those who don’t care about you. BUT. I also believe that simply cutting people off because they can’t love you in return is not how the kingdom of God works. We have been called to love the unlovable. Why don’t we look at the life of Jesus – he’s always a great example!


Jesus had different circles of relationships. He was first of all in unity and loving relationship with the other 2 members of the trinity – the Father and the Holy Spirit. He then had his closest 3 friends (Peter, James and John), after that his 12 disciples, then a larger crowd of followers. Those who were the closest to him were those he shared the most important moments of his life with. However, Jesus didn’t just cut out anyone who didn’t fit his moral values. In fact, quite the opposite! Jesus hung out and ate with the tax c