How to Have Quiet Time with Jesus

I don’t know what your view on Christianity is, whether or not you see it as a bunch of rules and regulations, or whether you see it is a relationship with the creator of the universe. But the truth is, Jesus wants to be part of your life. And He wants you to be part of His. He wants to live in a relationship with you. But a relationship doesn’t work unless you spend time with each other, right? It’s the same with Jesus. If we don’t spend time with Him, how are we going to get to know Him? So here are my thoughts and tips on having “quiet time” – spending time with Jesus.

To be completely honest with you, I know that there have been so many times in my life growing up where I thought that the Bible was boring, not relevant and unnecessary. Even when I decided to go to Bible college this year, I wondered if I would get sick of learning about Jesus and worshipping him every day. And maybe some of you think that way too. Many people say that the Bible is outdated and that you don’t need to spend time with God – that going to church and doing the “Christian thing” once a week is enough. But the truth is, the Bible is so important and so so good!! It’s not outdated – it’s always completely relevant for our lives, and is absolutely needed for a growing relationship with Jesus! If we don’t fill ourselves up with Gods word, we’re going to look for something else to fill us up…we look for it in popularity, relationships, alcohol, image, and a whole lot of other things…and it will ne