God Lovers

They were God lovers. Seekers of His presence. Day and night they were moved To worship with the heavens. Nothing else mattered more… No one else came close To knowing Jesus and his heart, And this was what they chose.

I see a generation who love Jesus with their whole heart. Who sit in his sweet presence every day. Who seek to know what’s on his mind. Whose hearts and minds are daily transformed by the kindness and grace of their Saviour. A generation who aren’t simply satisfied with just a Sunday church service but who also live out Monday with Jesus. A generation whose whole lives are deeply devoted and committed to the heart and will of the Father.

A generation who before they DO FOR God will take the time to BE WITH God. Who are daily filled and fuelled by the Word of God. And whose lives look different because of it. A generation whose souls have been awakened and stirred with a passion for life and a passion for the Lord. Whose foundation is strong and secure, not tossed about when trials and challenges come, but who have the hope of Jesus Christ as an anchor for their souls.