Generous Givers

They were generous givers Like overflowing fountains Their lives enriched All who they encountered Easing the load Opening homes Their kind words Showing you’re not alone.

I see a generation who are generous. Not only with their money, but generous with their time, with their hearts and with their words. A generation who live open lives, with outstretched hands, not clinging too tightly to their own, but cheerfully and graciously giving to others. Their eyes are wide open, their hearts and minds alert to the needs around them.

They are hospitable. Generous in opening up their homes. They’re the ones who willingly go the extra mile…over and above. They give freely, without prejudice or judgement, without keeping track or expecting in return. Above all, their delight is in the Lord and their life overflows with thanksgiving; for He, first, is a generous God. They count it a privilege to be generous. I see a generation who give generously, love abundantly, forgive freely, share openhandedly, speak encouragement bountifully and live hospitably.