Dream Chasers

They were Dream Chasers, God Lovers Their hearts felt called to more More than what their small minds could hold But to it, they were drawn Laying down what they had in mind In exchange gained a new perspective What God had in mind was far greater A realm of possibilities divine

I see a generation who have dared to dream again. A generation who feel the whisper of more. The beckoning to open up to the possibilities of God. A generation who no longer feel the need to live up to the expectations of others, but who are set on living up to all that they were created for.

A generation who see what could be, and who boldly set out to make it a reality. People of courage. I see a generation who dream of new ideas and new solutions with new creativity. But not their own; it comes straight from the throne room of heaven. Divine inspiration, heavenly wisdom from the author of creation. But they are not simply the dreamers….they are the Dream Chasers. The ones who remember that with God, all things are possible. A generation who are not limited by what others say they can do, but by what God says is true. They are the ones who recognise the gifts and talents God knit inside of them; all that He placed in their heart’s deepest desires.

A generation who don’t leave any gift or piece of creativity untouched, but allow God to unveil what could be. A generation who lay down the