Culture Shifters

They were culture shifters, heart movers Filled with grace and compassion They took the time to build and grow, to dream and imagine The ones prepared for the journey ahead, Prepared for the narrow road They boldly set out to bring lasting change to bring out the gold

I see a generation of culture shifters. A generation who believe the Gospel is for all people of all ages in all places. They are those who desire to see a lasting change. An eternal change. They are the ones prepared for the marathon, in it for the long haul. The ones unafraid to invest time, energy and love to the people they meet; for culture is shifted with time and investment. They are the ones who continue to sow the seeds, even when they don’t see a harvest right away. For they are convinced the seeds will be watered. I see a generation who are bold, filled with confidence in the Lord, leading by example. I see a generation who cast vision – helping others to see what could be.

They are those who turn trends into culture. Kingdom culture. I see a generation whose daily habits of kindness, love and generosity compel others to go and do likewise. They are unafraid and unashamed to call people higher, to be more like Jesus. I see a generation whose actions demonstrate to others what kingdom culture looks l