Awake O Sleeper

Isn’t sleep such a funny thing? I’ve been thinking recently about how we can do a lot while we sleep that makes us look like we’re awake.

I’ve been known to do many things in my sleep…in fact, I’ve had a shower 3 times in my sleep! The first time I was living at home and not long after going to sleep I walked out of my room and my sister was sitting at the living room table (she hadn’t gone to sleep yet). Apparently, I gave a little wave to her and walked to the bathroom, shut the door and got in the shower. I was literally about to wash my hair when my sister walks in and was like, “what are you doing, it’s 1 o’clock in the morning?!”

I’ve also been known to sleep talk and snore, and not long ago I tried to video call some people in my sleep! But people can do all sorts of things in their sleep. I’ve heard of people mowing lawns in their sleep, walking down the street to their friends’ houses…it’s dangerous hey! The thing about being asleep is that you don’t know you’re asleep until someone tells you to wake up! And when we’re asleep we don’t care about the circumstances or situations around us.


Now not only can we fall asleep physically, but we can also fall into a spiritual sleep. And while physical sleep can be refreshing, spiritual sleep can be dang