Are You Relying on Yesterday's Revelations for Today?

I’ve been reminded so many times recently about how we shouldn’t rely on yesterday’s revelations from God for today. We need fresh strength each morning. Don’t rely on your Sunday worship experience to keep you going throughout the week till Saturday. Don’t depend on the leftovers to keep you going. The Bible says that God’s mercies are new every morning. What does that mean? It means that today is a new day, with new revelations, renewed strength and new grace from God. For TODAY.

The Old Testament gives us this incredible history of the Israelites, who were a group of people who followed God. They had been stuck in slavery in Egypt, overworked, overlooked and feeling helpless. You know the story, Moses tells Pharaoh he must let the Israelites go, but Pharaoh refuses, so God sends plague after plague. Eventually, Pharaoh agrees, Moses parts the Red Sea, Pharaoh’s army drown and the Israelites cross the other side. But the part I want to focus on comes next. The Israelites are heading to the Promised Land, but after crossing the Red Sea they end up in the wilderness for 40 years…without food and without water. They complained to Moses saying that they would rather have died in Egypt where they could eat all they wanted than die in the wilderness. And I don’t blame them! But the Bible says that God provided manna (bread from heaven) for them ever