Presented by Tess Butler,
Founder & CEO at Flourishing Heart Ministries.

​I believe you were created with a unique set of gifts, talents, passions and dreams. Sometimes those things are hidden because they've never been given the opportunity to see the light! And it is one of my deepest passions and desires to help unlock those in your heart.

Are you ready to discover your purpose and unlock those dreams in your heart? This series of workshops was designed to give you the practical tools and tips you need to not only dream for your future, but also to see those dreams come to life!

Still unsure?

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The Journey

Learn about Tess' journey with dreaming and how it led her to start her growing business, Flourishing Heart.

Action Plan

We will sit together and chat through an action plan tailored specifically for your dreams.

Why Dream

Why should we dream? What are the benefits of looking forward to a bright future? We'll cover that, for sure!

Top Resources

You will be given access to quality life coaching resources which will help at any point in your journey.

Top Tips

Learn about Tess' biggest tips for dreaming and turning those dreams into reality! It's one thing to dream, it's another thing to take action.

Setting Goals

You'll receive crucial information on goal setting, and be given the tools you need to create realistic and achievable goals for your dreams.

Space for You

You'll be given the space and time to reflect, dream and think about your future, with prompts and questions to help if you get stuck!

Common Obstacles

Many challenges you'll face in pursuing your dreams are very common. We'll cover what these obstacles are and simple steps to overcoming them..


You'll have the opportunity to sit down with Tess one-on-one to ask questions and delve a little more into your dreams.

Limiting Mindsets

It's likely you'll have some limiting mindsets that will hinder you from running after those dreams. Don't worry, we'll work through those!


Dream in style with your nifty little dream pack, available as a separate purchase.



"Great way to take the next steps towards my dreams. Concepts were explained well in the time we had and I feel excited to be taking the next steps to achieve my goals and dreams. So good to be with like-minded people wanting to move forward to life imagined differently."


"So inspiring to see and hear that you actually made your dreams happen that you once wrote down on a piece of paper. I feel very encouraged and was surprised at how much I wrote down on my dream map!"


"Thank you for providing a space space for me to get what's in my brain on paper. I love that you prompted us to dream not just for ourselves, but also for our communities and our countries."


"This was a breath of fresh air. It was hard in the beginning to start dreaming, but this was a beautiful start to allowing myself to dream and think bigger for my future again. Tess was a gorgeous host and I loved everything about it!


"Refreshing for the soul. Relaxed atmosphere. Tess is gorgeous with wisdom beyond her years."