Meet Tess

Certified Life Purpose Coach

Hi there, I'm Tess!

I'm a coffee-drinking, beach-loving, adventure-seeking Life Purpose Coach. I'm passionate about people thriving in life - which led me to start my first company, Flourishing Heart Ministries. It exists to see people flourish - from the young teenage girl struggling with her body image to the homeless person on the streets needing some love and a listening ear. All are worthy of love and attention, all should be seen and heard, and all should have the opportunity to flourish. But you can read more about what we do at Flourishing Heart here.

So then what do I do here? Well, this little home is where you will find all things simply Tess. As I mentioned earlier, I am a Life Purpose Coach. I believe we were all created with and for a purpose - there are things you were created to do on this earth that only you can do. I believe you were created with a unique set of gifts, talents, passions and dreams. Sometimes those things are hidden because they've never been given the opportunity to see the light! And it is one of my deepest passions and desires to help unlock those in your heart.

Here you can book one-on-one Life Purpose Coaching sessions with me, book your place at the next Dream Shop (group workshops to help you dream for your future), and keep updated with future projects to come!

I've studied a Bachelor of Education, an Advanced Diploma of Ministry and Theology, and am a Certified Life Coach.

I can't wait to connect with you! XO