Hey there,

I'm Tess Butler. I help women in their 20s find and be confident in their purpose in life. I'm a life purpose coach, author, dreamer, coffee drinker and Founder of Flourishing Heart Ministries and The Beach Search.

Are you lacking purpose and direction for your life? Feeling a little lost and unsure of where you're heading? Have some dreams and not sure how to get to them? 

I've got you covered! It is my passion to help people discover their identity and purpose. Book your free call below!


"Tess is an incredible coach, passionate about what she does and good at it. From the beginning until the end she has been a blessing, and clearly in the place where she needs to be; helping others to unlock their dreams. She leads boldly to a place of honesty, where steps can take place towards what God wants to do. Tess provides practical steps, questions and is sensitive to what is needed in the moment. I am extremely blessed to be served so well by Tess. What she has to offer is absolutely life-changing, perspective refreshing, and hope bringing.”


"Tess doesn't just skim over each of the questions, topics, or issues I bring up in my sessions, but instead is very personal and deeply insightful. She is incredibly wise, and gives great practical advice that has been simple and easy to implement, and created healthy improvements to my everyday life. Tess has turned my life upside down in the best way possible. There is nothing more I look forward to in my week than a life-coaching session with her."


“When you work with Tess, you will get all the practical tools to improve your day to day life. You will have a renewed sense of excitement when you get up in the morning to face your day. I have taken so many practical tools away from our sessions, as well as just generally feeling heard and understood.”


“Something I took from working with Tess is courage. To have a dream and then action it are two very different things. I had a dream that got lost on life’s hamster wheel. Tess believed in me and directed me on the right path, my personal cheerleader when I wasn’t ready to share my dream with anyone else. For anyone just finished school, looking for a new hobby or career change, if you have a dream but don’t know what to do about it…(who am I kidding, I was none of the above!), Tess’ coaching is for everyone, you just might not know it yet.”



Certified Life Coach and CEO of Flourishing Heart Ministries

Hi there, I'm Tess!

I'm a coffee-drinking, beach-loving, adventure-seeking Life Purpose Coach. I'm passionate about people thriving in life - which led me to start my first company, Flourishing Heart Ministries.

I believe you were created with a unique set of gifts, talents, passions and dreams. Sometimes those things are hidden because they've never been given the opportunity to see the light! And it is one of my deepest passions and desires to help unlock those in your heart.




Understand How You're Wired

Know Your Gifts, Values and Passions

Unlock Your Dreams

Set Goals and Strategies

Overcome Obstacles